Monday, June 18, 2012

One of those days...

It has just rained in the afternoon but it’s not cloudy now. There is no sun but it’s not dark yet. The rain has made it a touch wintry but it’s not cold, just enough to cause transparent wisps of mist gliding on the lake. There are droplets falling but it’s not a drizzle.

From somewhere within the thick growth of trees around, a nightingale is leading a song with and other birds join in. Little splashes being made by the fish serve as the background rhythm. Tiny blobs all over an otherwise placid surface of water show signs of perpetual life bubbling underneath. Faint chants from children in the Veda school at the other end of the lake add sanctity to this spectacle.

Like a seed germinating into something else, the mind sprouts into an overwhelming moment of epiphany in which the trees, the lake, the birds, the fish, the sky, everything comes together and through them this whole creation says,

“Hi…. I’ve been waiting.”

The heart melts into a flame, tender but certain, barely a whisper yet louder than thunder.

“So have I.”

You can't say who's telling whom because the distinction is beginning to blur.

Nature secretly puts on display her grand magnificence regardless whether anyone is watching or not. And her innocent persistence makes dissolving in love with her inevitable. You cannot miss that here. You cannot miss the magic of this place. This is our ashram. This is where I live.

Created and nurtured by a man who has spent his life showing people how beautiful they are and how fulfilling life can be. People wonder if he comes from the house of God. He will not tell you but if you allow him, he can turn you into God.


  1. so well written...ur writing is so effortless n soothing :)

  2. Hey Nakul!

    You are so amazing!

    Magic has traveled through the lovely breeze of your thoughts and has reached my heart. These photographs are beautiful too. Guruji has definitely brought out the best in you. Keep writing! Keep clicking pictures!

    And, remember Guruji's smile and keep smiling too!! :)


    A. Rose.

  3. I stumbled upon this by accident, but boy, am I glad the Google Gods led me here!

    I know that you have far more popular posts on Sri Sri but this...?
    Man alive, this is poetic, lyrical, and sublime!

    "...her innocent persistence makes dissolving in love with her inevitable."

    This line alone!!!
    Dripping with uncommon & exquisite tenderness, it epitomizes the desperation of a lover helplessly (and joyfully) surrendering unto his beloved.

    I daresay words have their limits, but Mr.G has you come closest to vanquishing them!

  4. kya baat hai sir ji..... ati sunder, ati sunder.... jgd

  5. Jai Gurudev
    so beautiful spaced out by the feeling that you are my teacher